GXG Admissions

GXG Admission, GXG requirements, and GXG Market Sponsorship official broker dealer IFXBG Limited

  1. The Company meets personally with the GXG Broker IFXBG or sends compliance information on the Company for the Know Your Client process of dealing with a registered broker dealer;
  2. The company sends to IFXBG a business plan, five year projections, financials (budgets and projections), a list of current contracts, a list of current assets, copies of ownership documentation such as patents, licenses, mining rights, etc;
  3. The information gathered is sent to one of the World’s largest valuation companies for a pre-valuation which sets the market capital of the company that will be newly listed and prepares the way for financing the company by listing on the GXG;
  4. IFXBG consults with the company as to whether they list their foreign company directly onto the GXG markets or whether a Holding company is to be produced with amalgamated financial statements.
  5. In the event a new firm is created, a series of agreements transferring ownerships and or licenses to the new entity is completed.
  6. The company wanting to go public appoints the official GXG Markets Broker Dealer IFXBG (there are many reasons why a Broker Dealer has more capacity to assist a firm over a Corporate Advisor which is unregulated- to understand better contact us.)
  7. The Company completes the GXG Company information Questionnaire, the compliance information gathered in stage 1 is put into the Director’s Questionnaire for each member of the Board;
  8. For shareholders with controlling interest, a completed Controlling Interest Shareholder’s Questionnaire is filled in for the GXG markets.
  9. Preparation of the documentation submitted during the “due diligence� is prepared into either a prospectus for the regulated markets, an Information Memorandum or Business Executive Summary for the MTF and OTC markets.
  10. For admission to the GXG markets, the GXG Markets Broker Dealer IFXBG submits the documentation to the GXG.
  11. The GXG Listing Committee meets and comments or approves the listing, in the event of a regulated market listing on the GXG, the Danish equivalent of the FSA approves the prospectus.
  12. The GXG committee approves the GXG Listing and sets the listing date.
  13. The GXG Listing press release of the new company is prepared and placed on the website of the GXG with the new listing of the public company, sponsored by IFXBG.
  14. The company engages IFXBG Limited for Clearing and Settlement of the company’s shares, GXG registrar services, and prepares for the first trade of the listed company.
  15. If there is an offering to the public, the sponsor broker dealer seeks approval for the prospectus, public offer, and or placement of shares from the regulatory body, and the shares are then freely tradeable and cleared into the GXG trading platform through IFXBG.
  16. The company is then listed and trading on the GXG Stock Exchange

Additional Activities:

  1. Concurrent to the listing, a third party valuation can be prepared for the company or after the listing which will set the market cap of the company based on the valuation of the firm. (Already established by the pre-valuation). Based on this valuation, the information within the prospectus, filings, and supporting materials would justify your listing price and why investors should consider your firm. The valuation is also the cornerstone for developing bonds. A Bond can only receive a AA rating if the company’s value has been properly assessed. This is a good reason why you should use IFXBGs pre-valuation service.
  2. Once the Company is listed, and the professional valuation completed, the company can engage IFXBG to create debt instruments such as Bonds, MTNs, and Debentures for financing the project. These instruments can also be listed on the GXG markets, and various other markets IFXBG is a sponsor broker dealer. Funds from 5 million euro to several 100 million euro can be formed into AA rated bonds for the sophisticated investor market. The benefit of producing bonds, is that your firm instantly becomes “institutional� friendly as a product. For the bond formation process contact [email protected].

GXG Market Making Services, Trading, and Public Relations

  1. IFXBG has the ability to ensure continuous trading of client shares and market making based on the experience and expertise of working on other markets such as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Berlin Stock Exchange, Stuttgart Stock Exchange, and markets of which this is a requirement. Trading companies are more attractive to investors then those that are just listed.
  2. IFXBG has affiliations with several press release services, online databases of sophisticated investors, media-hubs, and public relations specialists that can make a market and bring attention to listed firms.
  3. For firms listed on the GXG OTC market, the Sophisticated Investor Register qualifies the general public for your project which allows them to trade GXG shares in the GXG OTC markets.
  4. IFXBG has the ability to cater to listed GXG companies’ shareholders for trading, opening accounts, and managing their investments into the GXG markets.

Contact us today to begin your company’s entry onto the GXG Markets:

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IFXBG Limited is an active broker dealer on the GXG markets providing the leading service to foreign companies looking to list and go public as an alternative investment market to the PLUS markets, AIM markets, LSE, Berlin Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, OTCBB, Pinksheets, NASDAQ, and Euronext markets, as well as many others.