GXG OTC Markets

GXG OTC Markets An Exclusive Investment Community of Sophisticated Investors

The GXG market is a new alternative UK Stock Exchange which has an exclusive investment community of sophisticated investors.

A sophisticated investor exchange lowers the liability in general of the listing companies, putting the onus onto the investor to make educated and sophisticated decisions. Therefore, it is an attractive listing venue for new and growing firms, innovations and spin-outs. All investors within this market would have either digitally, through a broker, or via a register self-certified before being able to make an investment within the companies listed.

Within the UK there is an expected 400,000 or more sophisticated investors, and globally this number is within the millions. The potential to raise several million euro or British Pounds in financing on such an exchange is complemented by working with a registered FSA Broker Dealer.

In order to list on the GXG Markets, you should contact a designated GXG Broker Dealer who is registered with the FSA, such as www.ifxbg.com.  The difference between brokers and advisors is that registered brokers can:

-          Manage the transfer agent of your company legally

-          Manage the accounts of the investors in the company

-          Manage the shares on behalf of the principles

-          Manage capital raises to sophisticated investors

-          Trade the shares and clear the shares within the market

-          List the firm on the stock exchange as a Broker Dealer

-          Offer Equity Financing, Debt Financing, and bonds legally

-          Upgrade your listing to other markets such as the regulated market, AIM, TSX, DAX, Berlin, etc.

-          Produce prospectus documents that can be filed with the FSA to register greater than 5 million euro

-          To produce Information Memorandums and Investment Memorandums with the FSA broker dealer registration on the document to validate its offering within the European Market

-          Produce bankable third party valuations registered and certified

-          Produce reliable Equity Story’s and Share Vision Reports that can be distributed to Sophisticated Investors

Often firms will consider listing with firms that are not FSA registered broker dealers, however, unless a firm is prepared to do all of the KYC themselves to ensure the investors in their firms are sophisticated, high net worth, professional investors, then a company can run afoul of regulations.

IFXBG Limited is a registered broker dealer who can take your company public on the GXG markets, provide a valuation to enable raising private equity and appropriate amounts of debt financing or bond financing based on your cash flow and ability to service the loan. Funds within a sophisticated market generally range up to 5 million euro in private equity, and with bond and debt financing between 2.5 million and $100 million. (Higher financings are available.)

Generally financings for firms that exceed 5 million euro require application to the regulated market. Contact [email protected]